Life is amazingly good when it’s simple and amazingly simple when it’s good
— Terri Guillemets

We built a small home because we wanted to cut our bills while creating a space that fit our life. While we admire the people who live in Tiny Homes, we need a bit more room.  Our goal was to have a home that is easier to clean and cost less to heat and cool.  We spent a lot of time thinking about what we do in each space and where we could cut the footage.  For us, a good sized kitchen is important  for making blackberry jelly,  canning fresh applesauce and preserving our herbs and veggies.   We trimmed the bedroom down  and used an open floor plan to help us fit it all in.   A screened porch is important to us so we can spend more time outdoors, even when the bugs are hungry.  We would love to sit down with you to help you figure out what size home you can live and thrive in.  All of the pictures on this page are from our 704 square foot home near Lake Lure.   You are welcome to come visit and maybe our small home will help inspire you. 

  Another goal of ours was to build a green home, so we've incorporated many green ideas. Our home doesn't have any green certifications, but it was built with sensible improvements that have a good cost return.  Some of the green certifications can cost over $5000 and we would rather spend that money on our home.  All of the windows and doors are Energy Star rated for efficiency, and all of our appliances are also Energy Star rated.  Most of the lighting uses LEDs and the rest are CFLs.  We built our home with 2X6 walls for added insulation and used passive solar ideas to help heat and keep our home cooler.  Orienting our home in relation to the sun has made a big impact on reducing excess heat during the summer.  Using natural materials whenever possible gives us an excellent indoor air quality.    Most of these ideas can be done on a modest budget, but have a big return.