How many things are there which I do not want.
— Socrates

We believe a smaller home is better.  One reason is that it costs less to build a small home.    It takes less energy to heat and cool the space.   You will pay less in taxes.  When you build a smaller home you can spend some extra money on the space that you do have, which can let you do some upgrades if you choose and stay within your budget.  Another great benefit is that it takes a lot less time to clean a smaller home.  And, building a smaller home is much more sustainable and reduces your footprint on the Earth.


By 2010 the average home size ballooned to over 2400 square feet, more than double what it was in the 1950's.  Today there is a trend towards downsizing into more modest sized homes. Think about the space in your home that you use every day.   How much could you reduce each room by?  What rooms could serve multiple functions?  Where can you create extra storage areas? We will help you make the most of a smaller space.   Even if you don't live where we build, we can still help you design a home that fits you perfectly.


We added bookcases and kitchen storage under the stairs to the loft.   Every little bit helps in a small house.  Another thing we added was a bookshelf in the bedroom.  It goes along the top of the wall, so it utilizes unused space and gives us quite a bit of space for books and nic nacs.